BodyWorks StudioBodyWorks is a Private Personal Training / TRX Studio. Unlike large fitness centers, TRX Group Trainings are limited to no more than 5 participants per session. The goal is for each client to receive the special attention they deserve from their trainers. Due to this limited space, some rules need to be adhered to...

It is important that you schedule your Group Trainings in advance for the following reasons:1)  To let your Trainer know how many clients to plan for.

2)  For your Trainer to know in advance if there are enough participants to have a session.

3)  So that clients on the waiting list for a particular session can be notified in advance.

NOTE:  Group Trainings should be treated as Personal Training Sessions & scheduled in advance. You may schedule multiple weeks at a time to ensure you get the sessions you prefer.

REMEMBER…Space is limited and it is First Come First Serve!

Cancellation:If you are unable to keep your appointment, please text your Trainer WITHIN 12 HOURS OF YOUR SESSION. This will give your Trainer time to contact another client that may be on a waiting list. Failure to cancel your appointment will result in having to pay for the missed session.

Payment:Group Trainings are $12.00 per session. Payment bycash or check is due at the time of training. For your convenience you may purchase a discounted Pass Card good for 10 Sessions. By purchasing a Pass Cards you will receive a discount and it can be used for all Group Trainings EXCEPT FOR TRX BASIC TRAINING.

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